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Culture & Arts Centers

Mexico City is a sea of Cultural & Arts Centers. And more the better for it. City centers are focused on common interests, goals, educational fields, and many on simple geography. In recent months, some have been re-opened as PILARES - Puntos de Innovación, Libertad, Arte, Educación y Saberes - that is, as "Points of Innovation, Freedom, Art, Education & Knowledge."

Many others are dedicated to continuing the aspirations and legacies of historical figures or groups.

Some are dedicated just to giving local residents a place to stay active, and learning, while serving as neighborhood centers and meeting points.

Many Cultural and Arts Centers are of interest to international visitors, for whom they can serve as museums or galleries, exhibition halls, and even as concert venues.

Lots of people come to Mexico City simply for the chance to and the challenge of learning and understanding better. With no shortage of all of these public and private places, they're an essential part of the mix that is the city.