| Your Essential Guide to Everything Mexico City

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What city is not but a collection of the tales, stories, and yarns of its ihabitants?

Mexico City is millions of lives, histories remembered and forgotten.

It's a city of intrigue, conflict, heartbreak, and redemption.

From William S. Burroughs and his conflict with his wife, all the way back to La Malinche, and even before. Our tales get re-told, and in them we hear the same people who walked our streets, who shut themselves away, inside only to re-emerge with a new determination. Some, defeated, lived out their lives here in their own personal purgatories. But just as many, even more, started out here, and marched to the military bands you'll hear from beyond the walls of the primary schools.

Mexico City is an epic always in the process of being unfolded and explored again. The canals, like the streets, are as rich as the clay dug up from their floors. The chinampas as fruitful as the chronicles you're hear to explore.