Metro Lomas Estrella

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Photo: vladimix on Wikimedia Commons


metro lomas estrella logoMetro Lomas Estrella has the distinction of being just a 6-minute walk from the Nimes Bridge, over the Canal Nacional. The rehabilitated canal area has parks and walkways on either side of the historic waterway.

The bridge is also just a few minutes from the northernmost limits of the Cuemanco Ecological Reserve and playing fields. The entire development is extended northward by the National Canal. Most passengers to the Xochimilco Ecological Park, and the Cuemanco boat launch will prefer to disembark at Metro Periférico Oriente.

International visitors will likely consider it a «locals-only» station. That’s not to say a stop here isn’t well worth it. The ten-year-old Metro Line 12 offers terrific views from the elevated stations in Iztapalapa and Tláhuac. And this is one of them.

For a time, the station had been planned with the name Santa María Tomatlán. That’s for the canal-side pueblo (actually a pueblo originario) directly west of today’s station. The station ended up being built between two sections of the Lomas Estrella Neighborhood, to the north and the south.

The Metro Lomas Estrella station logo represents the Cerro de la Estrella with the cardinal points to indicate the mountain’s importance. That was true of the ancient culture as it is to the culture of today. The station sees about 12.5 thousands passengers on weekdays. Even if you’re not going to descend to the street level, the views from the platform are enviable.


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