CDMX travel | Your Essential Guide to Everything Mexico City

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The Essential Guide to Mexico City

Everything you need to plan and get more out of your next stay in Mexico City


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The Mexico City you were hoping for! 


Welcome to the Official Visitor’s Guide to Mexico City. 

In these pages we hope to present you with the Visitor’s Guide to Mexico City that gives you everything you need to plan, and enjoy a visit to Mexico City.

We’ve worked hard to build the most complete guide on the internet. You’ll find everything in these pages to make your trip the most interesting and rewarding you’ll take this year. The links below will get you started, and remember, there are always dozens of changes taking place. 

Whether you’re just planning, or just arriving, or you’ve been here for a few days, this is the site with the information you need to get more out of your stay, and to come back and learn something new. 


You can also – always – call LOCATEL, the integrated city information service with English-speaking operators. Much of the information presented here comes from LOCATEL.

Don’t forget, these pages are also under constant construction. There’s always something new happening – and something old being rediscovered. So check back, and we’ll show you the Mexico City you were looking for. 

These pages contain everything you may need to plan, execute, and enjoy a visit to Mexico City. We’ve worked hard to build the most complete guide on the internet but if there is something that you think should be included here, please let us know.