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Principle Sites in Xochimilco (Map)


A Natural Treasure to the City and to the World.

Xochimilco is among the oldest continuously inhabited parts of the city.

It’s also been declared an intangible part of world heritage by UNESCO. With that, there’s a lot to see and experience in and around the Light Rail station at Xochimilco.

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As much of Xochimilco is classified as an ecological reserve, a number of green areas open to the public. These include several “forests” such as the Bosque de Nativitas, the Xochimilco Ecological Reserve, the Centro Acuexcomatl, Michmani Ecotourism Park, and the Bosque de San Luis Tlaxialtemaco. These are considered “areas of environmental value” by the city and established to counter some of the damage caused by urban sprawl. Most are open to the public but with minimal services, usually that means picnic tables and horseback riding.Michmani is an ecotourism program sponsored by the borough, which is situated on fifty hectares of chinampas. The site offers kayaking, recreational fishing, a temazcal, cabin rentals and environmental education

The Xochimilco Ecological Reserve opened in 1993, and covers some 200 hectares and is filled with numerous plant and animal species that live or migrate here. The park also contains a bike path, 35 athletic fields, a flower market, and a visitor center. Second in size only to Chapultepec Park, many of the canals here are connected to others in the greater Xochimilco complex and some trajineras will arrive here from other launches.

The city is currently working on rehabilitating the lake water system and providing
• a phytosanitary survey, maintenance of green areas and reforestation.
• maintenance on existing trails and new routes.
• rehabilitation of restrooms, surveillance areas, playground, lighting, and signage.