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Final Museum Nights of 2019: October & November 2019

noche de museos museums Mexico City
No matter which Museum you visit, it’s always a spectacular night out!


Mexico City Museum Night

Mexico City’s final “Museum Nights,” falling on October 30 and November 27 of this year, promise an entirely unique experience, no matter which of the 45 participating institutions you choose to visit.

Run by the Secretariat of Culture in Mexico City, the program includes exhibitions and exhibition tours, conferences, concerts, theater, and dance. All of this is usually in addition to the regular programming also on view at each of the participating museums.

The November Museum Night will mark the tenth anniversary of the popular ongoing events and promises to be one of the most spectacular yet.

“We’re going to prepare a party for the museums and we see the possibility of organizing a massive event for people to be part of the celebration of this significant anniversary,” said Guadalupe Lozada, Director of Artistic, Historical and Cultural Heritage agency within the Secretariat.

She also commented that with the support of the Secretary of Culture of the capital, José Alfonso Suárez del Real y Aguilera, they’ll use social networks, digital platforms and broadcasting services to talk about more events, and to promote more museum spaces.

“It’s an opportunity for people to learn and to know their heritage. It’s one thing to go through a museum and another to get to know it. We’re convinced that only that which known is valued, and if someone doesn’t know a given place, there’s no way to appreciate it, value it, spread word of it, and care for it,” she said.




Date(s): November 27, 2019