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Zona Rosa & Reforma

Cuauhtémoc, Juarez, Tabacalera: Zona Rosa is surrounded by great communities, and the Paseo de la Reforma is lined with still more.

To the north of the central Paseo de la Reforma corridor, the Cuauhtémoc neighborhood provides an extensive lunch counter for all those office workers. A slightly more buttoned-up version of Zona Rosa (to the south), it's a neighborhood of embassies, newer apartment complexes, and some striking boutique hotels. Bordered at the top by the long Jardin del Arte and the Monumento a la Madre, it's a good place to walk, especially on Sundays when the Jardin is in full splendor.

The colonia Juarez, whose middle third is Zona Rosa, is currently undergoing a full renaissance, with the burgeoning east end providing new competition for the traditional nightlife in the Zona. With a heavy concentration of museums, shopping centers, and lunch spots, it's an easy neighborhood to take in while strolling, and one that's resplendent with historical architecture.