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Best Mexico City Parks

Mexico City's Best City Parks are a joy to discover. Some are very old, a few date from just the past few years. Chapultepec deserves a whole category all its own.

International visitors often marvel at the fact that Mexico City touches on and even includes some very big national parks. (You can learn about those, here.) For those of you just discovering Mexico City, its parks are where you're going to learn the most.

Many of the newer parks have taken on a serious role in leading their neighborhoods in ecological and environmental consciousness. Some older parks are being revived with lots of similar undertakings. Some have even been built on top of old landfills, or where lives and buildings were lost as a result of earthquakes or similar tragedies in the past. Few have no story at all.

Ultimately, international guests will see that one of the best ways to learn about Mexico City and its people is to visit these outdoor spaces. They're among the safest parts of the city for meeting, or just strolling around and people-watching.  See Mexico City residents at their very best in city parks.

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