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Historical Figures & Themes

There are just some Historical Figures & Themes to big to be left out, and too unique to fit in with other aspects of Mexico City history and culture: 

  • Visitors take to one of a couple of Vasconcelos Libraries. But who was Vasconcelos? You can find out here.
  • A lot of the Mexican Revolution happened right here in Mexico City. These are the Mexico City places most closely related to that 11+ year period. Plus there's a primer on the most important events of the Revolution. (It's handy if you're new to the subject.)
  • 2021 saw the launch of multiple commemorations marking 500 years since the fall of Tenochtitlan, and even more leading up to the commemoration of its founding. You can see many of the sites associated with the events, here.
  • The Triple Alliance, which established Tenochtitlan as the dominant power in the Valley of Mexico, is also best remembered in a few distinct locations.

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