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Pueblos Originarios


The Pueblos Originarios, literally the "original towns" are localities which developed historically, independently from Mexico City. Many have since been entirely absorbed by the city, but some maintain unique identities even today.

Most of these communities have their origins in the pre-Hispanic period. Many were founded by groups speaking Otomi, Mazahuam, and Matlatzinca, the Nahua languages are far and away the most prevalent.


The Mexico City Government recognizes 139 original villages or towns (Pueblos Originarios). These are administered through the Sectrary of Rural Development and Equity. Collectively they're able to apply for financing and government development grants to support their communities. Many of the places below make unique and interesting places to visit, but each of them also bear long histories as independent peoples, places, and territories.


Photo: San Bernabé Ocotepec Church and Town, Magdalena Contreras