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The Australian Embassy in Mexico City is the home of the diplomatic mission to Mexico. It also accredits diplomatic missions and consular services in Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama.

Beyond focusing on the political and economic relationships with these accredited countries, the Embassy in Mexico City supports Australians in all these countries by providing a consular service and some administrative functions. They can be reached at

Australia and Mexico established diplomatic relations in 1966. Mexico maintains an Embassy in Canberra, Australia. Relations between the two nations are deepening, with high numbers of Australians visiting Mexico and increasing numbers of Mexican students choosing to study in Australia.

The Australian Government also has a network of Honorary Consuls in the countries of accreditation to support aspects of our individual bilateral relationship, particularly with consular and passport assistance to Australian and permanent residents.

The Australian Embassy in Mexico is just beyond the Parque Gandhi in the Polanco neighborhood. It’s not far from the Paseo de La Reforma. Many will find the nearness to Chapultepec Park another advantage. It’s also quite close to the old international hotels district of southeast Polanco.

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