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This temple was built by the conservative Jewish community or Masorti, and has been open since 1954. It was founded by American Jews who based it on the principles of Judaism and its laws to understand and interpret the reality of the 21st century. It gives classes on Judaism, Bar and Bat Mitzvah and the Parsha of the week.

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Blvd. de Los Virreyes #1140, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec.

Public Art/Monuments

José Rizal Statue

Nearest at 0.37 kms.

Public Art/Monuments

Alfonso Reyes Statue

Nearest at 0.74 kms.

Arts & Culture

Galería Nina Menocal

Nearest at 0.88 kms.


Barranca de Barrilaco

Nearest at 0.93 kms.

Mexico City

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