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Boker House

The history of this house begins when Roberto Boker and his brother, both of German origin, left their hometown, Remschied, in 1863 to establish a wholesale business in New York with tools and cutlery made by their family. At that time the emperor was Maximilian of Habsburg and German was the second official language in Mexico, so Roberto thought the conditions were right for establishing their business in the country.

On November 1, 1865 the store opened to the public, not only selling German products but also SINGER sewing machines, Studebaker steam cars and Underwood typewriters. The current building was opened on July 3, 1900 by Porfirio Diaz, later a period of social, economic and political instability began, however, the house remained standing. Currently, part of the house is a hardware store, another part is a Sanborns and yet another a hairdresser.

Phone: +52 (55) 5512 2400




16 de Septiembre #58, Col. Centro.