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Named for LA’s favorite writer, Bukowski’s is the house bar inside the well-attended Péndulo book shop. With a respectable collection of English language books, the Bar is but one more place to enjoy them.  While you might think it’s just another bookstore bar, honestly, how many bookstore’s even have bars?

El Péndulo has been around forever, and while it’s a favorite for events, readings, and for the generally good selection of books, it’s also a decent place for lunch. The Bukowski’s addition makes Péndulo’s Zona Rosa location run a little later than the shops in Polanco, Condesa, or Álvaro Obregón locations, but then, it’s Zona Rosa and competing at all takes some doing.

As the name implies, the el Péndulo “Cafebrerías” began as combination of cafe-bookstores, in the Condesa neighborhood in 1993. Since its original conception, other cultural and artistic additions have been added on. Carefully cultivated collections of records and art films are the settings for cultural activities of all kinds: concerts, book presentations, and literary courses. The store has seven branches, all within Mexico City. Each is unique and boast open and bright architectural spaces but most of the focus remains on the books. With the addition of cafes and bar spaces, patrons have a good reason to spend a bit more time, have a coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner and still take in some of the best of literature, art and humanities.

Bukowski’s is just one more good reason to visit, and nightimes especially, all the excuse you need.


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