Cachorro Galería

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Cachorro Galería
Photo courtesy of the Cachorro Galería Facebook page.


The Cachorro Galería focuses on generating questions and knowledge about contemporary Mexican art. These are based on pictorial, sculptural, and graphic lines of work. The gallery also works as a sales bridge for emerging and established collectors. They offer a long-term investments in initiating and enlarging art collections.

The gallery aims to be a catalog of transcendent and underground artistic proposals from 2020 through until 2050. It’s a reliable and convenient online sales point for domestic and international sales.

Cachorro Galería is often noted for having brilliantly navigated the 2020/21 pandemic. They switched early to a virtual  and hybrid format and had some success doing so. Cachorro has been a continual alliance maker, working with established and newer galleries in Mexico City and beyond.

It’s a young energetic group of people. They’ve seen some considerable success, even despite the difficulties of the pandemic.

For the 2021 Gallery Weekend México, the gallery presents Destetados, a group show of eight painters the gallery is currently representing. Importantly, the Gallery Weekend exhibition is hung in the Centro Cultural De La Diversidad at 267 Colima, practically next door.

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