One of Polanco's younger upstart galleries with a solid foot in some very strong tradition

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Photo courtesy of the CAM Galería Facebook page


The CAM Galería began as the Club de Arte México in 2015. The Club came together to meet a need to promote, encourage, advise, disseminate and research the visual arts in Mexico. It was always directed towards creators, researchers and collectors.

Today the Club works with all three to enrich the culture of the country, and Mexico City gains from that, too. With some focus on investment and collecting, it’s more than a flashy new commercial gallery. Directors Diego García, Daniela Carrasco, and Sofía Creel work hard to reach and communicate with a younger public even while catering to collectors.

The CAM Galería is still small. Curators need to do a lot of work to pack some punch into a couple of little galleries. Add to that the weight of Polanco’s giant consolidated art scene, and it better be good.

Still, the gallery has punched way above its weight class. Somehow they consistently stick to some solid fundamentals that seem a holdover from a Mexican 20th century that still looms large. Is that a good thing? Often enough, it seems to work. The results are cool, calm, collected, (collectible?). The gallery’s also consistently a player in Mexico City-wide art events like the 2021 Gallery Weekend and others.

  • Aristóteles 354, Polanco, Granada, Miguel Hidalgo, 11550 CDMX


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