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Casino Español de México

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The Casino Español was founded in 1863 by José Toriello, Manuel Mendoza, Cayetano Rubio and other personalities from the Spanish community in Mexico. Emilio González was in charge of the work. The interiors boast stained glass, art works in themselves like the one that completely covers the central courtyard, in homage to the Spanish Constitution of 1978 and the logo of Casino Español. The courtyard, the Kings Hall, the Hall of Presidents and the stairs are decorated with paintings and sculptures by Mariano Benllure, Juan Jiménez Martin, Pelegrin Clave and other artists.

The premises are used for cultural activities in order to disseminate knowledge of the contemporary reality of Spain and Mexico. There is an ongoing program of lectures, art exhibitions, book presentations, concerts and recitals, seminars and other events. The Hispano Mexicana Carlos Prieto Library has a wealth of diverse literature.

Mexico City

Cultural Capital of the Americas