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Cerro de la Estrella Park

The National Park stands on a volcanic formation that emitted underground gases for hundreds of years resulting in the formation of caves. It spans over an area of 100,000 hectares.

It is a place of great historical and archaeological importance. On the slopes were found remains of pre-classic Central American cultures, like Aztec temples (a ceremonial location of at least three-floors located between the church of San Lucas and the Cuitláhuac garden is known) and remains of the Fuego Nuevo ritual. The site still holds ceremonial relevance, for today a multitudinous re-enacting of the Passion of Christ is performed every Easter.

The facilities include a family area with games, a gazebo and areas for sports. The hill also boasts breathtaking views from the east of the city, allowing you to contemplate how traditional and modern come together in the area.


Carr. Escénica al Cerro de la Estrella km 2, Col. Ampliación veracruzana.