Embarcadero Belem & Belem de las Flores

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Embarcadero belem de las flores
Photo: Lydia Lopez on Wikimedia Commons


The Embarcadero Belem shares its embankment with the Embarcadero Belem de las Flores on the old Cuemanco Canal. Entrances to both are clearly marked by the colorful arches on the streets leading off of the Calle Violeta. Calle Violeta is quickly developing into one of downtown Xochimilco’s most prominent streets for international visitors.

The Belem boat launch has about 130 boats regularly departing. Belem de las Flores is a lot smaller, with just 17 boat operators departing. At just a ten minute walk from the Xochimilco light rail, it’s often one of the first boat launches people will encounter.

But the boat launch, parts of which have been operating since 1960, has been such a success that it’s continued to expand. The original Belem boat launch split and the Belem de las Flores launch grew to the south. The Trajineras Xochiquetzalli reorganized at the original site, and today offers pre-booking online, and all the standard services. They also have some four- and five-hour ecological packages.

Most of the tours from Belem cover the Xaltocán and Caltongo lagoons. For ecological routes, you should expect trips of four to five hours from here. Check the full listings of other embarcaderos, plus regulations here.

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