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embarcadero caltongo
Photo: Jessyvl8 on Wikimedia Commons.


The Embarcadero Caltongo is home to a number of canal boat operators on the edge of Lake Caltongo. About 215 boats set out from here.

Some of the most densely populated neighborhoods of old Xochimilco are all around when you get here. Trajineras, the canal boats, leaving from here follow traditional routes (as opposed to the newer, more ecological routes). The launch area can feel a little like a boat launch in a sea-side town. It’s an easy taxi ride from the light rail,  although one can walk in about 18 minutes.

Perfect for an afternoon canal trip, this boat launch is governed by the same regulations as all the others. Prices are fixed and so, even though individual operators are competing fiercely, they’re not competing on price. Operators at this launch actually have a strong presence on Facebook, with a few even allowing you to book a tour in advance through Facebook.

All canal trips can include food, drinks, and even souvenir shopping, while you’re on the boats.

The Caltongo Neighborhood (a barrio) of Xochimilco is one of the oldest and best documented. The Embarcadero Caltongo opened as a produce dock in 1943. Open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. year-round, it’s also a good place from which to visit some of the neighboring, very old parts of downtown Xochimilco.

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Embarcadero Salitre

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Barrio San Esteban Tecpanpan, Xochimilco

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Barrio San Francisco Caltongo, Xochimilco

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Barrio Santa Crucita Analco, Xochimilco

Nearest at 0.43 kms.

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