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Embassy of Denmark in Mexico City

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The Embassy of Denmark is the seat of the Danish diplomatic mission to Mexico. The embassy deals with consular, commercial, and cultural issues, and promotes friendly relations between the two countries.

Although Mexico famously hosted Jacob the Dacian, modern relations between the two countries began in 1827. That’s the year Mexico and Denmark signed a Treaty of Friendship, Trade, and Navigation.

  • Jacob the Dacian (1484-1566) was Franciscan friar born in Copenhagen. He’s today remembered as a righteous and fair man. He may have been the son of the then-King of Denmark. Having arrived in 1542, Jacob became deeply involved in the argument over the rights, and especially, religious rights of indigenous people. The relics of his life were maintained many years after his death by the people of Tarécuato in northwest Michoacán. He spoke eight languages at his death, including the Purépecha language.

Mexico’s first minister was sent as an ambassador to Denmark in 1864. He opened an honorary consulate in Copenhagen. A diplomatic mission opened there later, in 1931. In 1956, both countries elevated these diplomatic missions to formal embassies.

In 2017, Mexico and Denmark celebrated the 190th year  of diplomatic relations. Some 31 Mexican companies operate in Denmark, and more than 200 Danish firms do business in Mexico. The two nations are signatories to multiple bilateral trade agreements. Relations with the European Union also keep Mexico and Denmark close.

Just up the street from the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, the embassy is in the thick of Polanco’s Gallery District. It’s just a few blocks from the Anthropology Museum and points on Paseo de la Reforma. The Metro Polanco station is about ten-minutes walk away.

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