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Estacion Indianilla Cultural Center

Open - Limited Services / Capacity

It was an assemblage workshop, a maintenance workshop and a parking of tramways that operated since 1880. In 1953 facilities were used by the Spanish filmaker Luis Buñuel in order to shoot La ilusión viaja en tranvía (Illusion Travels by Streetcar). When the last tramway stopped running in 1985, the building was forgotten for 20 years and served as an storage death file area for the government of Distrito Federal. Since 2006, it was renewed to install Estacion Indianilla Cultural Center. It has two contemporary art galleries and Frida Toy, Art-Object Museum. There is one litograph, graven and bound workshop.

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Arena México, Doctores

Nearest at 0.26 kms.

Parque Dr. Ignacio Chávez

Nearest at 0.32 kms.

Mercado de Cuauhtémoc

Nearest at 0.34 kms.

Mexico City

Cultural Capital of the Americas