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FARO Azcapotzalco Xochikalli

FARO Azcapotzalco Xochikalli 2


The FARO Azcapotzalco Xochikalli is one of the newest Art and Culture schools in the FAROs network run by the Mexico City Secretary of Culture. A massive installation in the city’s northwest, this FARO is right off the Rosario MetroBús station (Line 6) and not far from Metro Rosario.

People from around the world take note of the FARO system’s far reaching, deep dive into art and culture. A visit on just about any day of the week will show you. And on Weekends, many FAROs are packed to the rafters. There’ll be young people, teens, adolescents, twenty-somethings, and even older folks looking to dance and take pictures. Those are just the most common workshop themes, too.

Check the Facebook though. Because FAROs operate as schools, you generally need a reason to visit. Other than to the public galleries, watch for a public event, recital, concert, or exhibition going on. Take heart. There’s almost always something happening.

With a special emphasis on dance, the FARO Azcapotzalco Xochikalli can’t help but be a magnet for young and old alike. Music classes go one till late. Art classes generally fill to capacity. But this FARO, unlike some others, also has lots of clean outdoor space. So some bigger sculptures or outdoor works end up there. It’s funny how easily they enliven what was once a nearly forgotten corner of the city.



Price: Free admission


Avenida Cultura Norte s/n, entre Cananea y, Av. de las Culturas, El Rosario, Azcapotzalco, 02100 CDMX