FARO Indios Verdes Cultural Center

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Faro Indios Verdes

The Lighthouse of the North

The FARO Indios Verdes, one of the leading cultural centers in the FARO system, draws a surprising number of international visitors.

As one of the principal places for the showcasing of graffiti, rap, break dancing, design, illustration, skateboard and tattoo art, it’s frequently drawing artists and visitors for events related to all of the above. They’re also super popular for classes in performing arts, visual arts, literature, music, and crafts. All of the workshops are based on a process of learning by doing.

Like other FAROs in the city’s system of Fábricas de Artes y Oficios, Indios Verdes offers ongoing classes for kids, young people, and adults. All of them are focused on developing creative abilities. FARO Indios Verdes was established in 2009, based on the need for art with an ecological conscience. The program regularly includes activities for the general public: concerts, plays, literary events, exhibits, AV club and a lot more.

Curiously, the neighborhood Santa Isabel Tola is sandwiched between the Cerro de Guerrero of Tepeyac National Park, and the even more impressive Cerro Zacatenco. Cut off to the west by the Guadalupe Aqueduct, neighborhood visitors have to duck under the arches when walking from the Indios Verdes Metro Station. It’s not an unpleasant walk, and the staff at the FARO will be delighted you’ve turned up.


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