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FARO Milpa Alta - Tecómitl
Photo: Secretaría de Cultura CDMX.

The FARO Milpa Alta – Tecómitl, is the original Lighthouse of the alcaldía. Opened in 2005, it was so successful it expanded to the second location, in Miacatlán, in 2015. In fact, the FARO superseded the old Casa de Cultura Tecómitl “Olla de Piedra” which still performs some activities within the FARO complex.

Like all of the FARO Centers in the City, the Lighthouse in Milpa Alta offers classes, workshops, exhibitions and performances. Many of the offerings are designed in response to what students themselves want. Students here are heralded for having begun a highly-recommended culinary course specializing in the traditional foods and ingredients of the region.

FARO stands for Fábrica de Artes y Oficios, the Factory of Arts and Skills. Run by the City Secretary of Culture, the centers have been an outstanding success since the first one opened in 2000 in Iztapalapa. In part, that’s always because students get a voice in the kind of programming and classes on offer. In Milpa Alta, that’s even more so the case.

Visitors to San Antonio Tecómitl also get attractions like the ancient church and city center which used to be a very prominent monastery. The cemetery is also a popular year-round destination, especially in the weeks leading up to the Day of the Dead festivities.

One of the most beloved of the city's Arts & Skills Factories, the FARO Milpa Alta had to expand to a whole other location. This is the original.

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