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The Foro Cultural Azcapotzalco opened originally as the Teatro “Virginia Fábregas” in 1950. That was the year that beloved stage and screen actress Fábregas died.

  • Virginia Fábregas García (1871-1950 ) was an actress and theater diva. She’d participated in a charity play at the National Theater of Mexico and soon after was touring Latin America and Europe. With her own theater company, her inaugural theater work was attended by President Porfirio Díaz. She continued to appear in films until 1945.

The theater was renamed the Foro Cultural Azcapotzalco in 1978 to better serve the communities of the surrounding area. Since then it’s been one of the City’s premier perfomance venues. They present between 300 and 400 performances every year.

The façade was painted by Iseo Noyola. He’s probably best known for the mural work completed on the façade of the Museo de Azcapotzalco.


One of Mexico City premier performance venues...

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