Guadalupe Chapel, Villa Milpa Alta

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Guadalupe Chapel Villa Milpa Alta
Photo: Alcaldía Milpa Alta


The Villa Milpa Alta’s Guadalupe Chapel overlooks the local government esplanade, that is, the main town plaza. It’s the center of the town, but this chapel is frequently overlooked. In fact, it dates only from the 1890s. That’s pretty young for Milpa Alta. Perhaps oddly, it’s the preserve primarily of devotees of the Virgin Mary. It doesn’t attract nearly the attention of the chapels associated with Milpa Alta’s barrios.

The chapel is best known for the central staircase and the mini-atrial wall of inverted arches. The twin bell towers were added after the main church body. The single nave is capped by a barrel vault and the general decoration is in gold on the reliefs of garlands. The floor is laid in marble.

The chapel is variously known. The Capilla De La Lupita is among the most common iterations of the name. But for international visitors, it’s a reassuring edifice in stone painted mostly white.

The Historical Center of Milpa Alta is a treasure trove of sites like this. Beyond the Guadalupe Chapel are the local chapels of the barrios of the town. Many are much older, and it’s still a small town. Short walks are richly rewarded.

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