Santa María de Guadalupe Chapel, Atocpan

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The Santa María de Guadalupe Chapel is on the east side of Atocpan’s cemetery hill, facing east. Very little history of the chapel remains. Franciscans likely began work on a hermitage here in the late 16th century. Today, the chapel only opens on the 12th of each month.

The entranceway jambs are noted for the indigenous carving style. The tower cupula bears Talavera tile brought from Puebla. But it’s the graceful proportioning of the façade that seems to hold modern viewers’ gaze. The perpendicular buttress doesn’t dissuade many from wanting to look further.

Two external staircases give access to the choir and the bell tower. The single nave has four sections divided by sash arches. A number of notable artworks are kept inside making any visit that much richer. Remodeled a few times over the chapel’s many centuries, the resulting interior is very well-preserved.

The Santa María de Guadalupe Chapel is roughly a ten minute-walk from the Center of San Pedro Atocpan and the main church. It’s a remarkable area. Visitors climb to the cemetery and the Guadalupita chapel simply for views of the valley. Perhaps the crooked cobblestoned streets make it that much more charming.

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