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Historic City Hall (Palacio del Ayuntamiento)

The first session of the city council was held on this site on May 10, 1524, once the political and economic situation of New Spain had been stabilized.

The first building was constructed between 1526 and 1532 in a sober, medieval style, as a fortress against possible indigenous uprisings. It had a barn, a jail, a butchers and poultry pens.

In 1692 the building was partially burned due to an indigenous uprising. After that event, the reconstruction of the building was proposed in 1724. The Salón de Cabildos stands out with its art nouveau style and decoration by Manuel Gorozpe. On the ceiling there is a painting by Francisco Parra depicting characters such as Francisco Primo de Verdad and Friar Servando Teresa de Mier.

Today it is the seat of government of the Distrito Federal so visitors can only enter the Sala de Cabildos and the Centro de Documentación Francisco Gamoneda. Protocol events such as giving of the Keys to the City to outstanding personalities of the world take place here.

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Plaza de la Constitución #2, Col. Centro.