INAH Exhibition Space at Airport Terminal 2

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INAH Exhibition Space at Airport Terminal 2


INAH Exhibition Space at Airport Terminal 2 is a gallery of temporary exhibits in the Airport Terminal 2. Exhibitions typically cover some of the latest work that INAH, the National Institute of Anthropology and History is doing throughout Mexico. Exhibitions generally cover themes where INAH researchers are at the top of their game. Archaeology is a big one. But they also frequently hang shows on historical themes,  plants and wildlife.

The gallery is some ​​652 square meters. Amd past have covered topics related to aviation and its development in Mexico. They also strive to offer shows related to sustainability, and ecosystem variety, as well as, artistic and cultural exhibitions of renowned artists’s work. Representative selections of photographs are curated by staff at INAH’s Department of Media and draw from the institutes extensive holdings.

Open 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Mexico City

Cultural Capital of the Americas