Alameda Ánfora / Jardín Lecumberri

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Alameda Ánfora Jardín Lecumberri


The Alameda Ánfora / Jardín Lecumberri is next to the former prison, the Lecumberri Palace. Today, that’s the National Archive. The site is infamous for being the site of the assassination of President Francisco I. Madero and Vice President José María Pino Suárez in 1913.

A monument marks the spot where the event is thought to have taken place. A coup d’état, the ill-fated Victoriano Huerta rose to power thereafter with support from the military and the U.S. Ambassador Henry Lane Wilson.

The park was remodeled in 2011. Today it’s a well-shaded garden with many fully mature trees. It’s also convenient to a number of area shopping centers. Part of the larger San Lázaro area, the Jardín Lecumberri is a surprisingly lush park, and one that’s always welcoming.

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