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The Mercado 1 de Septiembre serves the Vallejo area in the Gustavo A. Madero alcaldía. Eje Central takes a twist here, where residential neighborhoods brush up against a formerly industrial neighborhood. Somehow this markets keeps everything feeling green, even when it’s not. It’s a liminal space, but one that’s changing quickly.

The public market, though, is not likely to change. It’s a decades old tradition in Mexico City. This one feeds not just the neighborhood, but workers and normal people from all over the area.

It’s a major distribution point for all the various eateries in the area. For travelers, lost or sure-footed, it’s a remarkably clean and inviting place to drop in. And this considering that most of the good stuff in Vallejo is on the other side of La Raza. The Mercado 1 de Septiembre is just a few blocks south of the La Raza Metro station on Paganini. It’s precisely at the point where the Metro Line 5 goes back underground.

For lunch, it will be difficult to find somewhere better to eat. The Mercado 1 de Septiembre is home to a number of sit down eateries. Many of them prepare fresh healthy food here every day.

Hours: Daily 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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