Mercado Álamos

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Mercado Álamos
Photo courtesy of the Noche de Mercados Facebook page.


Mercado Álamos is the unofficial town-center of the celebrated neighborhood of the same name. Once completely submerged beneath an ancient lake, the neighborhood is composed of what was once called the Colonia Algarín. It wasn’t entirely populated until the late 1930s. Since then, it’s grown to be one of the most stable residential neighborhoods in the city.

At first laid out with a few small farms and factories, the only vestige is an ice plant, still making ice at the intersection of Calles Soria and Castilla. Colonia Álamos has plenty of sidewalk cafes and eateries. But the market stands out for the super low prices. Some of the vendors have been here for generations, too.

Opened in 1966, it’s the go-to location for everything, including all manner of prepared foods. It’s a big market, even for a smaller neighborhood.

  • If you’re worried about eating in the market, see our complete guide to fondas, and comida corrida eating. There’s no better way to eat well, healthily, and cheaply. You’ll also be supporting local merchants and small businesses.

The Mercado Álamos is a few minutes walk from Metros Viaducto and Xola. It’s also the easiest way to eat well, in one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in the hemisphere.

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