Mercado El Verde, Coyoacán

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Mercado el Verde, Coyoacan


The Mercado El Verde may be the youngest public market in Mexico City. It’s the first market opened with all sustainable technology and reopened in just 2011. Today, it boasts 209 retail shops, and an enormous prepared foods area on the upper floor. No fewer than 77 different kitchens are cooking at the same time. Just about a block west of the lower Canal Nacional and the Xochimilco Ecological Park.

When the market reopened, after an older building on the same site, it came with a rainwater collection system, solar cells and its own electrical substation. It’s likely the most modern and innovative of these types of public markets.

  • The Colonia Culhuacán CTM is the largest public housing initiative ever undertaken by Mexico’s Infonavit. Originally planned for 104,739 and built between 1974 and 1982, the original housing estate has grown considerably since then.

Vendors here include creameries, vegetable dealers, fruit sellers, butchers, and poultry purveyors, and general grocers. It’s also famously clean and the white interior helps reduce electric lighting. As something of a neighborhood center, it’s a remarkable and lively place for eating, or for meeting some of the local people.

For lunch, the Mercado El Verde has more than enough to tempt absolutely everyone. And like all public markets, you’re paying less, and still supporting smaller independent businesses and farmers. That’s quite a deal! There’s some tips on eating in the market here if you’re new to the concepts of comida correa and the menu del día.

Daily: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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