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Mercado Hidalgo, Colonia Doctores

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mercado hidalgo doctores


The Mercado Hidalgo is an almost insanely busy, much beloved neighborhood market. The difference here, though not for everyone, is that the market specializes in hardware and tools. It’s as enormous as one of the big-box hardware supply stores. But this one is lovingly attended by independent small business owners, and even some craftsmen. Many of them have been here three generations, and some a bit more.

Obviously, it’s not gonna be a massive draw for tourists. But for smart, self-educating, and curious international visitors, it’s a fascinating place to visit. It’s also one of the oldest traditional markets in the city. Opened in 1956, it expanded to a giant annex and now takes up two full City blocks!

Like every market in Mexico City, the Mercado Hidalgo has its produce, meat, and vegetable dealers. They supply what are likely to be the freshest places to eat in the Colonia Doctores. That means, real food, and for a fraction of restaurant prices. That’s all while you’re supporting smaller businesses and even farmers who are not that distant.

If you need a crash course in market eating, check out our Intro to Fondas. You can quickly pick up the Menu del Dia and Comida Corrida, and everything you need to eat better, without just wolfing street food.

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