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mercado indios verdes


The Mercado Indios Verdes has taken on new importance with the opening of Cablebus Line 1. Practically coterminous with the Indios Verdes paradero, the public market is at the southwest end of the station and the surrounding bus-loading areas. On the east side of the station, and thus of the Avenida Insurgentes, is the Gustavo A. Madero Park. That’s the park with the actual Indios Verdes monument.

On this, the west side, the market is seeing lots of increased traffic. That’s finally not just because of the transport hub. The Indios Verdes market has cleaned itself up a lot in the past two years. No longer just a smoky warehouse amongst acres and acres of bus lanes, today it’s a sensible, clean, and neighborhood-oriented place for produce, fruits, butcher cuts, and more.

Technically in the Residencial Zacatenco neighborhood, the market also serves much of northeast Lindavista. For those on their way to or from the Cablebus Line 1 station, the Mercado Indios Verdes is an important stop. It’s not just good for anything you could need. Like all public markets in Mexico City, this one will have plenty of prepared food too. It’s a spectacular place to eat. It’s also likely a welcome relief from too much paradero, street food, and over-indulgence more generally.

Hours: Daily, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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Calz. Ticomán, Residencial Zacatenco, 07369 CDMX


Indios Verdes Cablebús

Nearest at 0.09 kms.


Metro Indios Verdes

Nearest at 0.13 kms.


Indios Verdes Monument

Nearest at 0.36 kms.


Templo de la Divina Providencia, el Pañuelito

Nearest at 0.61 kms.

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