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Photo: Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc

The Mercado San Joaquin is one of two public markets in the Colonia Peralvillo. The other is the Mercado Beethoven on the east side. One could be forgiven for thinking it’s a giant neighborhood center, too. With the Parque Popular Cuatro Vientos just across the street, the market is split between two big buildings. The park borders on Eje Central in the east.

A UAM study counted 478 vendors in the larger building. A further 276 occupy the annex. But to reduce it to mere numbers is perhaps to miss the point. The market maintains a massive social media presence. And it’s not just about “marketing.” On the contrary, it’s a neighborhood focal point. It’s a center for activism, involvement, exchange, and for culture too.

The market also serves the nearby San Simon Tolnáhuac. Opened in 1958, the market celebrates it’s anniversary on the Feast Day of San Judas Tadeo, October 28, each year.

The Mercado San Joaquin is a spectacular place for lunch. A couple of top notch eateries are cooking up something original every day. For international visitors, that can mean not just cheaper and better food. You can also eat much healthier here. All that while supporting independent businesses, and even local farmers.

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Ernesto Elorduy 62, Peralvillo, 06220 CDMX

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