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Metro La Raza (Hall of Science)

Metro La Raza


Logo Metro La RazaMetro La Raza is a transfer station between lines 3 and 5 of the Metro. The station is named, as is the neighborhood, for the giant Monumento a La Raza on the avenue Insurgentes Norte. The station and the neighborhood, are in the Gustavo A. Madero alcaldia, though the monument is technically in Cuautémoc just to the south.

The station is most important for international visitors en route to Autobuses del Norte, and the Metro station of the same name on Line 5. To transfer trains, passengers need to walk through the very long Hall of Science. This is a series of corridors some 600 meters long. Permanent displays include images and artifacts related to the study of the natural sciences. The exhibition first opened in 1988 and was installed by the National Autonomous University.

A mural inside the station, “Monstruos de Fin de Milenio,” was painted by Ariosto Otero Reyes.

The station is also important for its proximity to a medical complex including the Specialties Hospital and the National Medical Center. These are collectively referred to as La Raza, also.

The station logo represents the La Raza Monument. 2019 numbers saw almost 15 million passengers use the station. About 31,000 passengers per day on Line 3 and another 9,800 passengers on Line 5.

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Insurgentes Nte. s/n, Col. Vallejo Pte.