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Metro station Puebla CDMX
Photo: Dge on Wikimedia Commons

metro station pueblaMetro Puebla is the last of the great Brutalist stations along Metro line 9 in the east of the City. It receives a fair amount of traffic from passengers hoping to avoid morning and evening rush-hours at Metro Pantitlán. Nevertheless, it’s not one of the busier stations in the system. Non-local traffic, that not headed to the Puebla neighborhood for which the station is named, will be headed for the Ciudad deportivo to the immediate south of the station.

Metro Puebla is especially useful for arriving to the Alfredo Harp Helú Baseball Stadium. It’s just a few minutes walk south. Some of the seating for events at the Hermanos Rodriguez Race Track may also be better served by this Metro.

The station logo depicts the coat of arms of the city and state of Puebla. The neighborhood just north of the station was named to commemorate the state and its capital city. The nearby Avenida Zaragoza turns into the highway to Puebla just a few kilometers to the south and east of here.

  • The city of Puebla was founded in 1531. Puebla de los Angeles was the only city in New Spain understood as a “Republic of Spanish farmers,” right from its beginning. It was originally established in an effort to secure the road leading from Veracruz to the capital. It quickly emerged as a very important state and remains one of the country’s most important economies and industrial centers even to this day.

The last of Metro Line 9's great elevated Brutalist stations, high above the furthest eastern points of the Ciudad Deportivo.

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