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Metro Zapotitlán

zapotitlanMetro Zapotitlán is an elevated station near the very heart of Zapotitlán, the very ancient community in Tláhuac. New compared to the rest of the Metro system, the station opened in 2012, and serves most of the neighborhoods of old Santiago Zapotitlán. Today it’s one of the densest parts of Tláhuac, and one that’s changing and growing every year. Still, the cobblestone streets and private alleyways accessible mostly to moto-based hybrid vehicles are all something to see.

The Metro Zapotitlán station logo represents one of the sapote trees from which the town gets it’s name. The Nauhatl suffix, –titlán, meaning between – gives us a translation close to “between the sapote trees.” Sapote, Diospyros nigra, is a type of persimmon.  

People arrive here to experience the dark, moody church at the center of the old town. The church plaza and atrium are especially thriving around the time of the Festival of Music and Lights with fireworks each July. But year-round, you can take in the Mercado Zapotitlán, or have one of the attending moto-taxis take you up to the Cultural Center. There’s just about always a lot happening.


Phone: 5627.4950 / 5627.4741



Price: mx$5


Av. Tláhuac, Santiago Centro, 13300 CDMX