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Pemex Executive Tower

It is currently the second tallest building in Mexico City, at 214 meters in height. Its construction began in 1976 and was led by architect Pedro Moctezuma.

It is one of the city’s smart buildings, and is controlled by a Building Management System. Similarly, its structure has one of the highest seismic tolerances in the world, with a maximum tolerance of 8.5 on the Richter scale, as it is an area of high seismic risk.

The skyscraper has a total of 60 office floors, 8 parking floors, and a helipad used for Petróleos de México (PEMEX) operations, which is a para-statal organization that cannot be visited by tourists.

Phone: +52 (55) 1944 8215


Av. Marina Nacional #329, Col. Petróleos Mexicanos.