Plomo Gallery

Open - Limited Services / Capacity

plomo galeria
Photo courtesy of the PLOMO Gallery Facebook page.

Plomo Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in the Lomas Virreyes neighborhood. Dedicated to emerging and mid-career artists, their stable is refreshingly traditional. They concentrate in presenting the first solo exhibitions of many younger artists and making a bet on that artist’s trajectory.

Plomo Gallery also runs a Resident Curator program with the objective of decentralizing the gallery’s curatorial line while maintaining an open stance with respect to what is happening outside of Mexico City. The combination seems to work. In blue-chip heavy Lomas (the City’s western neighborhoods), young, exciting, and challenging artists may be in short supply.

Open just since 2018, the gallery set a goal of eight shows per year. That got interrupted by the 2020/21 pandemic. Still, the momentum seems to be picking back up.

An important part of the 2021 Gallery Weekend, curation is discriminating, exacting, and demanding. The work is too. And for that, the trip to Lomas may just be worth it.


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