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Rava Projects, Relaciones Publicas
Photo courtesy of the Relaciones Públicas Facebook page.

Relaciones Públicas and Rava Projects (RP) consist of an art project space that’s shown work at a number of venues in Mexico City. Having made quite a splash at the 2021 Zona Maco art fair, eyes are on the Zona Rosa space during the 2021 Gallery Weekend Mexico event.

The project space emerged as contemporary art gallery, publisher, and artistic organization over the past several years. Much of the visual arts work has been closely tied to publishing and related endeavors. Projects have focused on works from younger artists. The aesthetic runs the gamut from the quirky and comics-oriented to sci-fi and, especially, minimalist painting. Much of it is soaked in contemporary values-bereft consumer consciousness.

Having helped to shore up the Colonia Escandon‘s art-cred, Relaciones Públicas’ presence in the Zona Rosa area will be a big help. Joining a few other new-comers in the antiques-laden ZR, daytime strollers may just see the neighborhood catching up with exploding eastern colonia Juárez.


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