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The Russian Embassy in Mexico is housed in a legendary mansion on the very corner of the La Condesa neighborhood. It’s a major landmark and a frequent point of reference for Mexico City residents.

The famous mansion dates from 1911, the very twilight of the Porfirato period. The house was built on the remnants of the Hacienda Santa Catarina del Arenal. A farm that produced pulque, beef, and fruit, it took up most of the Condesa we know today and included parts of Roma and Juárez. The hacienda that had been founded in 1610 was then purchased by the Count of Miravalle in 1704. He presented it to his wife, and the name we know today is for her, María Magdalena Catarina Dávalos de Bracamonte y Orozco Third Countess of Miravalle, the third Countess of Miravalle.

The farm was sold from the Miravalles in In 1825. In 1869, it was acquired by the Escandón family. And a granddaughter, Dolores Rubín Escandón received it as a wedding gift in 1911. The mansion was begun soon after. An architect named Gómez de Parada built it on the site of the old hacienda.  The couple had nine children here.

An original embassy of the USSR was opened in 1922. The mansion was eventually rented to the Brazilian government and they used it as an embassy first. In 1942, the USSR purchased the house with the intent of opening their embassy here.

The property has been the subject of cloak and dagger speculation ever since. It’s thought to have been particularly important during the 1950s at the height of the cold war. With the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, the building was converted to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in 1991.

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