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Salón Silicón

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salon silicon


Salón Silicón set off the formerly quiet neighborhood of Escandon, with a bang, in 2017. Beloved as a radically feminist and queer show space, the pace of exhibitions has never slowed down, even as the gallery’s notoriety has taken off.

With an emphasis on scandal, the subjective barriers of contemporary art are continually questioned, relaxed, brought into heightened tension, and released again. Directed by Laos Salazar, Olga Rodríguez and Romeo Gómez López, the gallery occupies a former home beauty salon.

With an emphasis on even younger artists, it’s even better known as a gallery that shows more female than male artists. Feminist perspectives and queer theory are openly harbored and participation in the city’s art fairs and gallery nights have all led to a prominent place on the Mexico City contemporary art profile.

With work often available at affordable prices, Salón Silicón has, to date, featured the work of 20 younger and emerging artists. That number is expected to grow, as are the profiles of the considerable talent they’re currently representing. It’s an in-your-face night out, and openings tend to feature the city’s most notable art crowds.

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