Santa Cruz Chapel, Villa Milpa Alta

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Santa Cruz Chapel Milpa Alta
Photo: Thania Anahi on Wikimedia Commons


The Santa Cruz Chapel is an unusual little church. Competing with the Barrio Santa Martha, the two contend for the title of true Villa Milpa Alta barrio. And fiestas are fiercely attended. It’s also unusual in having no atrium at all, and in having its entranceway to the south.

The main façade and lateral façades were plastered and painted in 1929 and 1930. Very little is recorded about the chapel and its plot of land in the neighborhood prior to the 2oth century. The chapel seems to have just gotten more wonky despite the three elegant domes over the single nave and apse. The single bell tower on the west side of the south facing façade bears the same sky blue tile as the domes.

The lateral wall is reinforced by multiple buttresses. The Santa Cruz Chapel, like just about all the neighborhood chapels of the Villa Milpa Alta, is profusely decorated. Inside, you’ll see that the domes are supported by octagonal drum vaults. Mural paintings are recent but dramatic and tranquil.

Just a few minutes walk north of the town center, if the doors open, do pop in. It’s a spellbinding experience. And if you happen to be there in early May, the patronal feast is still rather lively.

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