Centro Cultural de la SHCP (ave. Hidalgo)

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Centro Cultural de la SHCP


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The SHCP cultural center on Avenida Hidalgo is another of the cultural offerings of the Mexico Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público, that is, the Federal tax authority. Don’t let the idea throw you off, though. The SHCP runs one of the most outstanding art museums in the city center. The Antiguo Palacio del Arzobispado is not one to miss. But they also run their own art gallery, right behind the Metropolitan Cathedral. Other museums, like the Museo de la Cancillería on República de El Salvador similarly share collections that result from the governments “payment in kind” program for artists. Put aside any idea that these are some stodgy finance museums.

The Centro Cultural here is a thriving place of classes, photography, art, and dance. With some events just for kids, it’s a complement to some of the other sites in the Centro Histórico. In this case, the center is in a rehabbed late-18th-century home. It’s an outstanding setting for art and culture.

It’s also right next to the Museo Kaluz, a stone’s throw from the José Martí Cultural Center, and the Laboratorio Arte Alameda. Of course, that’s means, it’s just across from the Alameda itself. In any case, there’s a wealth of things going on in the immediate area and no excuse not to stop in.


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