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The Tlalpexco Cablebús station may be the highest and most wonderful station in Mexico City. If you don’t live, it’s suddenly gotten rather popular and easy to arrive here, just to enjoy the views.

In fact, a series of little cafes and eateries are springing up here just to make enjoying the views easier.

The station puts passengers practically in the middle of a mini-football field. It’s part of the Tlalpexco PILARES cultural and community center. Those arriving by cable car will want to find their footing quickly. In fact, it is possible to climb, nearly straight up, the Mexico City / Mexico State border. It runs precisely along the top of the ridge above you. About 220 meters away, unfortunately those meters are almost straight up.

In the other direction though, there is an awful lot to see.

When visitors arrive to the Tlalpexco, it’s more than evident why a cable car system was the way to go. Crowded neighborhoods here have benefited from much shortened times in connecting with the rest of the City. But then, the City has benefited in being better connected with them too.

  • The Tlalpexco Cablebús station logo depicts the beloved Cerro del Chiquihuite, bristling as it is with telecommunications antennas.



One of Mexico City's highest elevation neighborhoods...

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La Casilda Cultural Center

Nearest at 1.21 kms.

Cerro del Chiquihuite

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Cuautepec Cablebús

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