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Trajineras Xochiquetzalli

Trajineras Xochiquetzalli


We are a company established since July 2004, but with more than 40 years of experience in trajinera tourist walks. Throughout these years we have trained and worked daily to be able to give our clients the most professional service and the highest quality in walks and events in trajinera. We have obtained the following certifications: Distinctive M and Clean Point.

Trajineras Xochiquetzalli gives you the warmest welcome. Come and enjoy an unforgettable moment with the magic that surrounds the channels.

Celebrate special moments through an unforgettable trajinera ride.

Stand out as the company that offers the best experience in service of trajineras rides, recognized for its professionalism and warm attention.

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The ride rate is $ 400 per hour on a trajinera that can accommodate from 1 to 20 people; The price is per trajinera, not per person.

Mini-route; 1 hour ($ 400): Simple tour in a tourist channel, observe the chinampas and visit a greenhouse.

Tourist Route; 2 hours ($ 800): Tour the traditional area where you can visit a greenhouse or the handicraft market, a small representation of the Island of the Dolls, there are popular music and Mexican snacks.

Xochiquetzalli Route; 3 hours ($ 1200): Tour the Xaltocan lagoon and the traditional area. You can visit the greenhouse, the handicraft market or Wildlife Exhibition.
* Note: Extra cost of entrance to Wildlife Exhibition is $ 35 per person, it is not a mandatory visit.
Green Route; 4 and a half hours ($ 1800): Walk through Protected Natural Area where you will visit the canals between the chinampas of the most peaceful and relaxing area of ​​Xochimilco. Observation of native and migratory birds is possible. You can visit one of the following sites: Axolotario ($ 20 per person), Interactive Chinampa ($ 25 per person) or the original Doll Island ($ 40 per person).
* Note: Additional entrance fee to pay directly at the chosen site, you can only choose one.

Ecological Route; 5 and a half hours ($ 2200): In the Protected Natural Area of ​​Xochimilco enjoy the tranquility, the sound of the wind through the hollows, observe the native and migratory birds. Also, cultivate and learn by visiting the Axolotario, the Interactive Chinampa and the Island of the Dolls.
* Note: The 3 visit sites have additional entrance cost not included in the cost of the tour.

Phone: 5653 3987



Price: mx$400/hour


Violeta, No. 72, Barrio Santa Crucita.