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The Museum of the Woman, Museo de la mujer, in Mexico City was created with broad national and international support in 2011. The Mexican Federation of University Women and the UNAM were instrumental in the Museum’s creation. The institution is dedicated to a review of the history of Mexico using a gender studies approach. Since ancient times and straight through to the present, women’s perspective have been secondary at best. The museum aims to increase the visibility of the work of women and their contributions toward the construction of the Mexican nation. This is with the intention that the history of women in Mexico will cease to be a forgotten history.

The museum is open to all visitors as a center for the dissemination of a new culture of equity and respect for the Human Rights of women. With a small but outstanding collection of art, the museum also displays artifacts and memorabilia related to women’s rights, as human rights, over the history of the Mexican territory. Opened on March 8, 2011, under the framework of International Women’s Day, it’s an important member of Mexico’s museum and human rights communities.

Today, the Museum of the Woman is an important center for ongoing education courses and seminars. They host frequent conferences and events related to their editorial programs. They also host workshops, film events and they participate in the monthly Museum Night.

The Women's Museum in Mexico City is a highlight for anyone seeking the truth in Mexican history.

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